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What is Fly Fest?


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What is Fly Fest?

On May 14, 2016 at the Fly in New Orleans, over one thousand locals and visitors enjoyed crawfish, threw back cold ones, and lobbed water balloons at each other in an epic tournament at Fly Fest, a community event produced by RAPJAB.

There was no admission fee and all food and drinks were complimentary, thanks to RAPJAB’s sponsors Rums of Puerto Rico, Parkway Bakery and Tavern, Urban South Brewery, Ghost Tequila, Elmer’s Chee Wees, Aguillard Accounting, LLC, and Trey Monaghan. #FlyFest2016 was the kick off for RAPJAB’s annual Fly Fest event that will expand to include bands, vendors, and more in 2017 (contact RAPJAB to participate in #FlyFest2017).

As a local business in New Orleans that works with some of the most iconic institutions in the city, culture is incredibly important to us at RAPJAB. We organize events throughout the year to connect (and have fun) with our clients and supporters in person, and Fly Fest was inspired by a smaller event we had at the Fly in 2015. With Fly Fest, we wanted to hit that sweet spot in the lull between Jazz Fest and Bayou Boogaloo to give New Orleanians something totally free, totally fun, and created with locals in mind. Everyone is welcome at Fly Fest, but it was important to us to create something that a person who grew up enjoying the Fly would appreciate.

– James Braendel, CEO and co-founder of RAPJAB

RAPJAB didn’t disappoint:

Fly Fest 2016 Highlights

RAPJAB served over 500 pounds of crawfish at the Fly…

The Fly Fest Cocktail Competition was stiff but friendly …

Congratulations to Buster Finney on winning the grand prize: featured cocktail of the month at Parkway Bakery and Tavern for June 2016, along with the People’s Choice award! Many thanks to second place winner Roxanne Roberson with “Dat Stress Relief” and third place winner Grayson Fleming with “Grayson’s Punch” for joining the fun.

People of all ages got VERY wet at Fly Fest…

Rums of Puerto Rico provided delicious complimentary samplings and surprise giveaways…

Ghost Tequila poured free shots, shots, and more shots for a lively crowd …

Even a few folks on horseback showed up at Fly Fest to give free rides!

We were thrilled with the turnout at the first annual Fly Fest. People came up to us throughout the day and said they found out about #FlyFest2016 mostly through friends on Facebook. The community vibe was strong; attendees helped pick up trash to keep the Fly lookin’ fly, and many asked what the volunteer opportunities would be in 2017. Next year’s Fly Fest will definitely involve more community partners and sponsors, as well as ways for people to get involved before, during, and after each event. We’ve already received interest from local musicians and look forward to incorporating live performances and other experiences into future events. Next year’s Fly Fest will continue RAPJAB’s tradition of creating and sustaining cultural events in New Orleans and beyond.

– Richard Alexander Pommes, Chief Marketing Officer of RAPJAB


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Date: May 18, 2016