The next great resource play
is hiding in plain sight
Public filings represent the oil & gas industry’s single-most valuable and under-exploited resource.
Thanks to the regulators, E&Ps and other industry participants regularly divulge trade secrets like these via public filings. »

Think about that: almost every data point you need in order to spot new opportunities, stack-rank plays, and get a leg up on your competitors is freely available in the public domain. Actually generating insight from this vast body of ‘free’ information, however, is prohibitively expensive.

This paradox has existed for decades. Until now.

  • Hidden IP’s.
  • Experimental frac compounds.
  • Tightholed EURs.
  • Well-level A&D.
  • Acreage likely to be drilled next year.
  • Working interest owners ripe for buyout.
  • Leasing bonus and royalty rates.

Meet Oseberg

We leverage oil & gas filings in unimaginable ways.

Where most see paperwork and headaches, we see untapped reserves. Where most focus on the headlines, we drill deep into the filings and surface the valuable insights buried within. Where most sense chaos, we distill patterns, spot correlations, and divine the future.

Oseberg empowers the creative explorationists among us.

How do we do it?

Our Insight

Aggregating attribute-rich data sets from the public domain

Our Products

Elegant tools for uncovering opportunity within these data sets

Our People

Re-defining both product development and ‘customer service’ in the oil and gas industry

Everything you need to make the
next great resource play is within arm’s reach.

Let’s get started.