James Braendel, CEO & Co-founder

After a well-deserved break from the desk, James is back to the work helping organizations grow. Through his consultancy, he is specializing in branding, web technologies, and corporate culture. He fills the rest of his time playing music, frisbee, and chess, though rarely at the same time.

Alex Pomes, CMO & Co-founder

Actor turned entrepreneur and marketer, specializing in brand strategy and copywriting. Formerly the 1st National Brand Ambassador for Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, followed by co-founding Ghost Tequila. Have previously gone by my full name, Richard Alexander Pomes.

Sam Brooks, Director of client services

Since finishing up at RAPJAB, Sam has welcomed a baby boy to her family. In true Sam fashion, she was back to work on freelance branding, web, and print projects 8 weeks after he was born. It’s business as usual for Sam now - she’s back on the tennis court, her cocktail bar is restocked, and there’s been plenty of international travel. Next year Sam will be based in Rome, Italy, for 3 years. Of course, her infant has had a Global Entry Card since he was 3 months old.