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The PACT is a tool that helps kids resist the growing pressures of drug abuse. Through an integrated web app, families are provided with a platform for success and parents given peace of mind. Conversation guides, access to support, and a rewards-based system make abstaining a more palatable topic.

RAPJAB's Role: Brand Identity / Print Design / Website Design / Video Production
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Brand Identity

The PACT's brand needed to simultaneously gain the trust of both parents and kids. For parents, we knew we had to create something that that conveyed a clinical level of professionalism without coming across as a pediatrician's office. For kids (most of whom are more digitally connected than ever), we needed the brand to show that it's of the now and the furthest thing from the cheesy anti drug campaigns of the 80s and 90s.

Print Design

Most (if not all) PACT users will never see the organization's business cards, stationery, and envelopes. But for a business that seeks public approval from psychiatrists, doctors, and child development experts, it's important to the credibility of the organization that brand cohesion is maintained with a unrelenting attention to detail across every piece of communication and collateral.

Since The PACT is a primarily digital entity, we needed to ensure it lives off the screen as well. A printable "Conversation Starter" and "Drug Guide" were created since these types of serious discussions don't normally happen huddled around a computer.

Website Design

The PACT's website needs to do more than sell a product. It needs to create a compelling argument for why it's needed, and most importantly, tell a story. Although statistics are a necessary part of a drug prevention website, they are not the star of the show. Instead, we chose to rely heavily on bright images of happy, smiling families, testimonials from industry professionals, and videos driven by heart rather than information.

Video Production

When it comes to issues that hit home with families, companies often overlook the opportunity to lead with love instead of with the sell. To achieve that "tug at the heartstrings" feeling on PACT's website, RAPJAB conceptualized and produced a story-driven video that takes the viewer into a young teen's life through the eyes of her father. Although we want to ensure the children aren't turned off, the goal of this video was to hook the parents with relatable situations that focus on the solution to the problem, not the ugly side of drug abuse.

The second video here delves deeper into the logistics of the PACT while maintaining the same warm and friendly tone.