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TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is an international heavyweight in the restaurant business with franchises in 60 countries. The entire organization recently went through an extensive rebrand that included logo updates, new menus, and location renovations.

RAPJAB's Role: Strategy / Digital Presentation Design
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Digital Sales Presentation

Not a group to be satisfied with its current footprint, TGI Fridays set their sights on new international markets. To support their efforts, we were tasked with creating a tool for their team to use in presentations with potential franchise owners.

The first challenge to this project was that whatever we created needed to work for any region. In other words, recent pop culture references and American colloquialisms were off the table (which is tough when you call yourself "An American Bar & Grill." Second, the presentation had to be mobile and usable in areas that have little or no Internet access.

To turn the TGI Fridays international team into a lean, mean, franchise selling machine, we customized an iPad app that allowed for a free-flowing conversation as opposed to a one-sided pitch. After mailing them their new iPad fleet, presenters were able to conduct meetings more casually, using the app's navigation to jump from topic to topic instead of following the linear structure of a typical presentation. This means the audience stays more engaged instead of dozing off and waiting till the end to ask questions.

Since sales presentation can often get bogged down in logistics, we used the TGI Fridays brand to ensure content was exciting, engaging, and above all, American. This meant upbeat videos that showed the restaurants as a buzzing hub of activity and big, bright images of smiling, happy people.