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Oseberg is an oil and gas industry tech startup based in New Orleans and Oklahoma City. The company develops software and research tools used by oil and gas companies to quickly sift through public filings and analyze information on well designs, geological formations, and drilling costs. As part of their recent growth, Oseberg wanted to reintroduce themselves to their industry in an effort to attract potential clients and new team members at the same time.

RAPJAB's Role: Brand Identity / Website Design / Print Design
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Brand Identity

Oseberg came to us with a unique problem: they had two completely different target audiences they needed to reach, without alienating either. To maintain credibility with their older, more traditional oil and gas clientele, we built Oseberg a new brand that married a bold, masculine, and classic midwestern personality with the Norwegian imagery of the company's history.

Website Design

On the other hand, we needed to bring younger and more tech-savvy team members to Oseberg's website. We knew we had to create something that established Oseberg as a “thought leader” in their industry to attract the best talent. We achieved this by designing a sleek new site that showcased their bleeding edge work and featured a plethora of inside-baseball, industry-leading content. To keep things from getting dry, we used inspiring, passionate copy to tell potential team members: "you need to work here."

Print Design

The oil and gas industry has a tendency to look tired. After we presented Oseberg with their new brand imagery, they were the talk of the energy conferences. Business cards, letterhead, and envelopes were designed to be minimal and elegant as if to say, "we're the best. We don't have to be the loudest."