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Kicking Mule Rum

Kicking Mule Rum

Kicking Mule Rum is a small batch, family-owned distillery in rural Louisiana that produces hand crafted spirits in small batches from the finest sugarcane in the South. Whether in cocktails or served neat, their flagship rum is the very model of balance.

RAPJAB's Role: Brand Identity / Product Design / Website Design
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Brand Identity

Our client approached us in need of a brand, a bottle, and a website. They wanted Kicking Mule to be the classically handsome, quiet type with a simple mission: putting the best rum possible into your hands, ready to enjoy.

A straightforward brand deserves an uncomplicated logo. To achieve this, we used a clean design, bold colors, and font that you can see from the back of the bar.

Product Design

In a world of bright and overly flashy liquor brands, our goal was to create a final product that evoked nostalgia and authenticity without appearing forced or passé. To that end, we designed packaging that is both contemporary and timeless–a bottle you would gift to a loved one just because, or save until your grandson or grand daughter was old enough to share a toast.

Website Design

The Kicking Mule family believe in fine spirits, light-hearted fun, and a healthy thirst for life’s pleasures, so we made sure their site is gorgeous and easy to navigate on any device.

Most people visit a liquor brand's website to find out where they can purchase the product, but we had a different goal in mind: to keep our audience captive long enough for them to experience the Kicking Mule story, which has just as much to do with quality of life as it does with the quality of hand crafted spirits.

To achieve this, we populated their site with big, beautiful images of the product, the distillery (which sits on a beautiful piece of country-side land), and the people behind the operation–along with their personal philosophies.

In a world that’s becoming more complicated by the minute, we helped Kicking Mule emerge as a tranquil and satisfying oasis on the web for fans and purveyors of world-class spirits.