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Urban South Brewery


Jacob Landry, a passionate homebrewer in New Orleans, has a mission: to bring Belgian beer styles to the South,
a market still dominated by large, bland conglomerates.

He also faces the added challenge of differentiating his offerings in the midst of a national craft beer boom that has seen the number of microbreweries more than double sales in seven years.

In an industry where decisions are often made by impulse at the point of sale, Landry needed a compelling brand to compete with the big guys and the local favorites. Our goal was to develop a robust umbrella brand that celebrates a region rife with internal contradiction–where the charm and tradition of the South meets the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape.


Brand Identity / Product Design
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Brand Identity

Welcome to the Urban South—a long-term study in contradiction. It’s where fast-paced meets laid-back and where classic style meets modern design. It’s where tradition meets innovation. It’s where cars run on cobblestone, vines cover graffitied brick, and where warehouses are buzzing with totally new kinds of work.


Product Design

Coop'd Up

For a farmhouse ale, Coop’d Up is an ode to both town and country. It’s a tribute to city chicken farmers, home picklers, and window-box gardeners. The design incorporates both rustic and urban imagery, including a corona of hops, a verdant skyline, and is topped with chicken wire.


Product Design

Charming Wit

Riffing on the central pun on the Dutch term “witbier,” Charming Wit pays tribute to the joke-telling, smooth-talking raconteur, quick with a lighter, and even quicker with a joke. The can design nods toward seersucker and sartorial icons complete the layout, which effectively communicates summer, easy times, and joy.


Product Design

Holy Roller

Holy Roller is a big, bold ale for all of us caught between best intentions and bad behavior. It’s for the golden moment between Saturday night sins and Sunday’s repentance. It’s for life lived in full.

For every season, there is a beer. We call it Holy Roller.


“We worked closely with Rapjab on development of our brand and initial artwork. They designed our logo,
first phase of our website, and our packaging. They did a remarkable job translating our scattershot ideas into
something tangible and visually appealing. I’m really excited about the brand foundation we have.”
– Jacob Landry, Founder of Urban South Brewery.

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